Return Guide

What to do after receiving the return label ?? If you got the prepaid return label from K-Motor Performance, print the label and stick the label on the box or envelope. To prevent damage on the product surface we highly recommend to wrap it with some paper or bubble wrap. If you are using a big box make sure to add extra paper or bubble wrap to prevent movement into the box.

once the box is ready simply drop the package to post office (Usps). or drop the package to the mailman on the regular delivery hours in your area. Also you can put the package in to your mail box and move the Red flag up. When the mail box flag is up mailman know that there is mail in the box that the customer wants picked. They will pickup your package and ship it back. this way you can save time.

Once the package is delivered back to our shop you will received the refund as soon as possible. if your package was shipped and you have not received the refund contact us by email the get support